Projects I have worked on so far.

Below are some of the projects i am proud of from a list of projects that i have worked on during my development journey. Most of these projects are open source. Feel free to check them out on my GitHub.

SMSL i.e. Smart Materials and Structures Laboratory is a robust IoT lab infrastructure developed with latest web technologies. This is a part of funded research project under BITS Pilani University with potential to be used in STEM institutes for remote experiments.

Tech Stack

WebRTC & WebSockets
AWS & Node.js
Linux & RaspPi
Embedded Systems


CredX is a platform where users can own their data with Web5, can seamlessly store and share records on decentralized web nodes (DWNs) using decentralized identifiers (DIDs).CredX also allows organizations to issue secure verifiable credentials (VCs) to users and a seamless way to verify the credentials through presentation exchange.

Tech Stack



DeWork is a decentralized freelancing platform connecting businesses and professionals leveraging the GHO stable coin for payments. | Built during LFGHO

Tech Stack

DeFi | Stablecoin
Radix UI
Next.js 14

HealthX Protocol

HealthX Protocol is a decntralized health record management platform built using web5.Users can own & carry their health history and seamlessly store and share medical records on decentralized web nodes (DWNs) using decentralized identifiers (DIDs).

Tech Stack

Web5 SDK
Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs)

DeSets Protocol

Create Decentralized Datasets for future of AI. Built with Open source forkable Ethereum dev stack.

Tech Stack

Filecoin & FVM


AI NFTs is platform that allows artists and AI algorithms to collaborate in the creation of unique NFT artworks. You can create art from text and scribbles using ControlNet AI modal and mint NFTs on NEAR Bloackchain.

Tech Stack

NEAR Blockchain
Mintbase SDK
Replicate | ControlNet AI

Alpha Marketplace

Alpha Marketplace is an image marketplace powered by AI image classifier and deployed on Arweave Blockchain. It also utilises Arweave's universal data license (UDL) for content monetization and custom tags for data discoverability.

Tech Stack

Decentralized Storage
Google Cloud Vision API